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Bunny or Kangaroo? by Livelovemaria Bunny or Kangaroo? :iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 3 0 Coffee Bunny 2 by Livelovemaria Coffee Bunny 2 :iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 8 0 Coffee Bunny 1 by Livelovemaria Coffee Bunny 1 :iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 7 3 Coffee Cat by Livelovemaria Coffee Cat :iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 6 0 Coffee Desert by Livelovemaria Coffee Desert :iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 3 0
The Known (Day 14)
I get my fortune telling
From dirty old men
That sing of goodbyes
A thousand kisses deep
:iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 5 0
Smoke and Costumes (day 13)
You can be
What you want to be
They say
But what if it's not you
You struggle too hard
To be what you're not
These masks are not
Finding yourself
:iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 2 0
That's all there is (day 12)
Chance has no memory
They say
And no heart either
Freak anomalies
The nature of randomness
Don't glamour
With destiny
:iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 2 0
Season of the Jester ( day 11)
Spring the baitling
Lures with
Jentacular apricity
But all but
:iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 3 0
The State of Things (day 10)
In the land of worshippers
Truth was never electable
And the dogs are domesticated
Only wolves and tramps
Can be Anarchists
:iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 3 8
Blank (Day 9)
My hands are empty
I throw matches in the water
And the darkness mocks my light
:iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 4 2
Shadows (Day 8)
I drink night
In sweet, smooth, violet sips
In dark, bitter sadness
Slowly melting on my tongue
:iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 4 5
The seasons (Day 7)
The water refreshing, the sun so bright
A summer’s delight
The wind and the leaves in circles they prance
Autumn’s golden dance
Icicles, frozen tears the branches weep
A long winter’s sleep
But with the spring’s new sun the flowers leap
The birds are singing a joyous sound
Reigns in the next chapter and a new round
Of summers delight, Autumn’s golden dance, A long winter’s sleep
:iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 2 2
Spring Motivation  by Livelovemaria Spring Motivation :iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 4 2
April Weather (Day 6)
Dig out spring dresses
Rain today, sun tomorrow
And wear winter boots
:iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 3 5
Day 5
Inspiration and Motivation
Are fighting over my brain
They exhaust me
And this couch is so soft
:iconlivelovemaria:Livelovemaria 1 0


Rendezvous by Calmality Rendezvous :iconcalmality:Calmality 1,670 94 282/365 Silent as a shadow by snatti89 282/365 Silent as a shadow :iconsnatti89:snatti89 629 15
NaPoWriMo '16 - it's over...
Hi all! Sad to report that April is over :(
NaPoWriMo was great, and I managed to write 29 poems (of which only three were big edits of earlier drafts – and three were in French which I didn't post here) – in 30 days! So, I almost won. Technically. I also really, completely won because wow, that's way more than I really expected to write. Now it's time for editing and commenting.
I'm super grateful to the peeps at NaPoWriMo who kept everything running, and gave us nice prompts and cool challenges. As I said last time, I participated in the Week 1 Challenge and got first place, and so I was the lucky winner of an art piece by @Livelovemaria based on my poem! It's made with coffee paint, which is super cool, and it's a desert because that's what my
:iconarthisa:Arthisa 1 1
Polka dot by eiger3975 Polka dot :iconeiger3975:eiger3975 35 11
NaPoWriMo Feature
I had the wonderful opportunity recently to come up with a list of Poetry Prompts for NaPoWriMo, and I must admit I was surprised by the number of wonderful deviants that used them. So in return I am going to take the time to feature these talented  deviants. Here is a link to my Prompt List so go check it out maybe you will get inspired like they did!
A little Prompty Goodness...

First we will delve into the poetic wonders that were created by MagicalJoey. She actually went through my entire list of prompts, the only one who did, so she was awarded 30:points: one for each day! I really hope you enjoied all of my challenges!
:iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 7 26
Day 27
Sometimes, you have to break
a window to make a point.
Sometimes the skies whisper answers
in thunderous form of why there's
no such thing as infinity.
Or why pictures are
not always worth their words.
And sometimes you manage to work
your way back into reality, but it's 
nothing like what you asked for.
And that's what hurts the most. 
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 7 5
memento mori
I committed
to my wrist
and never
looked back,
couldn't look away -
couldn't neglect
with his
final plea -
forgive me -
a desperate
the words
from his
a permanent
for myself -
the darkest reminder,
an eternal
black feather
etched in my
:iconinkedacrylic:inkedacrylic 6 4
I'm striking
watching them burn
to stubs -
pinching each one
between my
fingertips -
wishing that
I had remembered
to grab
a lighter.
I'm tearing
blank paper,
making dry snowflakes,
pale confetti;
my mind is
as blank
as the page
before me -
infinite potential,
infinite nothing -
so I just
the world
in ice and fire.
:iconinkedacrylic:inkedacrylic 5 4
stop giving him
sunshine, he is a
desert in need
of rain with a
frozen heart that
cannot be thawed. his
hands are yellow
veined earthquakes
and his lips
are blue from
the cold secrets
kept hidden within.
:iconxswan-songx:XSwan-SongX 25 2
i want to tell you
why i always write
about my mother and
not my father.
i love poetry but
i hate words;
it’s like loving
air but hating
breathing –
(loving breathing
but hating throats)
words are what
ruin poetry. they
mean nothing, and
poetry means everything.
words talk, but
they don’t say
(words reduce poetry
to nothing.)
time slips through
my fingers like
breaths through a sieve
because i don’t
grasp onto it.
i have no will –
the thought makes
me suffocate from
sinks into the black
circles under my
eyes while i lie
in bed.
time passes.
(time is cremated.)
i always have problems
with the middle
of the night –
it’s because i love
love dreams
dreams are what make
me different from
other people.
my dreams for the
future don’t exist, but
my dreams beneath
my consciousness are
vivid and only comprehensible
without logic.
plants always
die in my house. it's
something that we
do together, my
:iconwei-en:wei-en 103 48
Blast from the Past
Tik, tak, time machine
Let's hop on this runaway train
Get out of the gangsta's paradise
It's poison in our veins
Through strange ways,
We're still alive somehow
Turned our icon of dominance
Into frozen ashes
We've faces right beneath our skin
Come, my pretty bimbo
Sit here with me, Barbie Girl,
By this yellow lemon tree
Under moonlight shadow
- Sweet dreams, blessed child
Just dream of californication
My eyes on you, summer son:
Whenever, wherever, American idiot
Come lay all your love on me
See, when we're together again
You bring me to life, help me stand my ground
Though sometimes I just lose it
To this damned insomnia -
I'm sick and tired
Of all the things she said
We just want to be rollin',
Larger than life, yeah,
Bring your own damn bombs
Freestylers' offspring's got
A pretty bad touch across the nation
Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, aus
We're all just s
:icondaghrgenzeen:Daghrgenzeen 4 6
six tales
suffocate me
indulge me
tell me
you love me
chew me up
digest me
then spit me out
but before you leave
could you glue my mouth
every time it opens
my words
become cheaper
never again love
do i ever want to be
your disappointment.
like a moth courts fire
in a flash, wings become dust
stomp it out
and save it the agony.
mother would say
i didn't see things
as they are.
convenient in arguments.
you never realize
just how blind you are
until you look behind you
and all those fuzzy words
won't come in to focus.
you brought me to life and
got me drunk on chicken broth
well aware of the vow i'd made
but unaware of its importance.
i don't know how we got here
and i don't know where we'll go
but i am an addict and
i've never been good at self-control.
i'm picking apart the petals of my life
she loves me, she loves me not
and there's a knot in my stomach
the very fibers of my being.
i'll twist my stem around yours
and use you as a guide to grow tall
but if you should
:iconoxfordllama:oxfordllama 2 1
Release {30/30}
Is it better, am I right
Distilling every pain and plight
Into a verse, a spoken song -
I feel release, but is it wrong?
Is it wrong to grind the wheel
Of every bitterness I feel?
And on a sick assembly line
Press them to a powder fine?
But powder can be blown away
And soon belong to yesterday
And vapors, filtered and refined
No longer cloud this algid mind.
Though dust may glitter as it flies
And water gleam as it's capsized -
'Tis my release and nothing more,
It leaves me lighter than before.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 20 12
False Start {29/30}
There were so many ways
I was going to love you -
Crafty notes in your mailbox
Birthday gifts in advance
Threading my fingers through yours
On rainy movie-days
Adventures and campfire secrets
And staring into your elfish eyes
To burn them into memory.
But it was all a false start
I had to let you go
Before I even got a chance.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 14 4
Day 29
your words are heavy
as I swallow them down.
you make a mockery of
my indecisiveness--
but it's easier to breathe
in the lingering smell of
false hope than to
take pain at
face value.
:iconmedoriko:Medoriko 15 4



April was National Poetry Writing Month and this year I have decided to participate although I did only complete half the amount of poems.
This is all organized through the NaPoWriMo group and I want to thank Medoriko 

I also wanted to contribute for prizes. Features are likely not as valuable, because I do not have many watchers, so I am making a little drawing/painting for the winners of the weekly challenges.

1) For week one the challenge was around different cultures. Here the challenge details:
NaPoWriMo Challenge 1:wave: Hey everyone! I hope NaPo has been treating you all well so far. Granted, we are only 4 days in, I find myself already running on empty :lol: Somehow I'll power through the remaining part of the month. I hope the rest of you are managing a bit better. :love:
Anyway, we over at :iconNaPoWriMo: are ready to unveil our first challenge of the month! :la: Thanks to the amazing Xyron7777777 for coming up with this one.
Challenge 1
--Incorporate one or more concepts of another culture into a poem. This could be the mythology of another country, the format of a particular culture's poems, or simply a screenshot of the daily life of someone far removed from where you currently live. Feel free to go in whatever direction you wish, as long as it involves a culture/country  that is NOT your own. :lol: Be sure to tell us the culture you're incorporating in the poem's description.
:bulletblue: The poem MUST be new as of April 4th (so no using poems from th

The winner for week 1 was Arthisa - congratulations! - with this wonderful piece:

forever, the sandWho would find us, buried under the sand?
It swallows lovers forever, the sand.
"In the dry wind, nothing lives, nothing dies."
"Our queens of old are there, under the sand."
As if forgetting that you will never wake,
who is that, guarding your slumber? The sand.
I ask the wind: does it blow to disperse
or is it to bring together, the sand?
Somedays I wake and my eyes are crying,
as if they alone remember the sand.
What does the moon see? Or: what could we see,
if the moon did keep watch over the sand?
At the close, when nothing is left of pride,
or mercy, or human error: the sand.

But there were many more awesome entries to the challenge. You can read them all here:

NaPo Challenge 1 WinnersSorry for the delay in this. I wanted to have this out last night, but lost track of time studying for my finals...and then apparently fell asleep :lol: Anyway, after a bit of deliberation, NaPoWriMo is ready to announce the winners for challenge 1! :eager: Thank you to ALL the participants. All of you put your best foot forward in this, so it was a tough choice...BUT, we ended up picking our lovely winners. :la:
Congratulations to: Arthisa with the winning piece: 

This piece will be displayed on the front of NaPoWriMo for the rest of the month. :la: You will also receive 400 points in May!
Also here is your mini-feature for winning:

2nd Place:

Here is your mini-feature for placing in top 3:

3rd Place:

As the prize I made a coffee painting of a desert:
Coffee Desert by Livelovemaria

2) Week 2 Challenge is around social media.

NaPoWriMo Week 2 Challenge:wave: Hey everyone! We are back for NaPo Challenge 2 at NaPoWriMo I'm SO pleased to say we have well over 10 entries for Challenge 1. It's awesome to see so many people participating. It's going to be tough to judge so many good entries. Challenge 1 closes tonight, and once we have our winners, we will post an announcement. I hope to have the winners announced by Wed..Thursday at the LATEST. 
Anyway, we are ready to unveil our second challenge of the month! :la: This is one I discovered when searching online, and I think it's wicked interesting. I hope you all will too. :heart: 
Challenge 2
write a “social media”-style poem. Namecheck all of your friends(if you wish). Quote from their(or your) texts, tweets, FB status updates, twitter accounts, and blogposts, and the back of the cereal box on your breakfast table. The poem is about you and you are about what you say, think, talk, eat. You might end up with a poem that seems bizarrely solipsistic (like the in

Winner is ShadowedAcolyte with this fun poem:

If you like, check out the other winners for this challenge:
Challenge 4 and Challenge 2 winners!Hello everyone! As promised, I am here to announce the winners for Challenge 2, as well as unveil our FINAL challenge for NaPoWriMo 2016. :la: My how the weeks have flown by. :no:
We had a small amount of entries for Challenge 2, but all of them were amazing! 
Congratulations to: 
ShadowedAcolyte with his piece:

:eager: Here is your feature as promised (and don't forget to check the front page to see YOUR piece there).

2nd Place:

Here is your mini-feature for placing in top three: 

3rd place

My drawing is a cat in coffee paint, because the internet is all about cats, but the cat couldn't care less
Coffee Cat by Livelovemaria

3) Week 3 Challenge just came out a few days ago and is around the 5 senses.

NaPoWriMo Challenge 3!:wave: Hey everyone! We are back for NaPo Challenge 3 at NaPoWriMo I can't believe another week has gone by since announcing Challenge 2. Speaking of challenge will be closed in 2 hours and we should have the winner announced before the end of the week. :la:
Anyway, we are ready to unveil our third challenge of the month! :la: Thank you to LiliWrites for suggesting this one!
Challenge 3
Write a poem that includes each of the five senses (touch, sight, smell, sound, taste) without overtly naming any of them.
Use at least one of the following tools in the poem: MetonymyEnjambmentpalindrome

The winner of this one is inkedacrylic with this great piece:
SubjectA reflected sunset
drowns inside
twin black holes.
Her thin fingers
slip down
rusted iron bars;
her palms
come away blushing with
unwanted crimson
She wore petrichor
for perfume
when he found her -
he simply
cloaked himself
in rot.
blood drops,
like tears,
against stone -
gnaw the earth
deep -
the Institute
must have it.
He calls himself
but when he
speaks her name
his words are
a pale horse's
and her throat
a garden
with bitter

And again, all the other wonderful poems entered:
Challenge 3 Winners + NaPo Wrap-up!Congratulations! It is May 1st(technically 2nd, but whatever), which means that NaPoWriMo 2016 is NOW officially over! How did it go for all of you? This was probably my most productive NaPo yet, despite having final exams and work :lol: I was pleased with a lot of what I wrote! I hope you all are proud of yourselves, whether you finished or not. :heart: This journal will contain a lot of important information, so please read through it!
First! I want to announce the winners for Challenge 3. :la: We had a whopping 16 entries. :la: This was actually one of the hardest to choose a top three, as all of the entries really stood out in their own way. However, we were able to choose our winners!
Congratulations to inkedacrylic with his piece 

As promised, here is your feature(which will also be on the front page):

Our 2nd place winner is: Arthisa with

I will make the prize for that one soon.

4) Week 4 challenge had poets make a parody or satire based on a famous poem!
Challenge 4 and Challenge 2 winners!Hello everyone! As promised, I am here to announce the winners for Challenge 2, as well as unveil our FINAL challenge for NaPoWriMo 2016. :la: My how the weeks have flown by. :no:
We had a small amount of entries for Challenge 2, but all of them were amazing! 
Congratulations to: 
ShadowedAcolyte with his piece:

:eager: Here is your feature as promised (and don't forget to check the front page to see YOUR piece there).

2nd Place:

Here is your mini-feature for placing in top three: 

3rd place

Winners are yet to be announced.


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